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Welcome to the Milzener e.V.!

We are a non-profit registered association based in Melaune, Vierkirchen in East Germany. Since the foundation in 2001 our target has been to study, reconstruct and reenact the everyday culture of the Milceni – a West Slavic tribe - in the 11th century.

Through the study of archaeological finds as well as written and pictorial sources, we try to find out how people inhabiting Lusatia a thousand years ago led their everyday lives. In what conditions did they live? What did they eat? How did their garments look like and how were they produced? What kind of tools and weapons did they use? It is not an easy task to answer these questions; the sources are very often incomplete or subject to interpretation – but that's exactly what makes it all the fun! We then put our theories into practice, attempting reconstructions of tools, pottery, clothes or even buildings to give an impression of how certain things could have looked like and functioned in medieval daily life.

We present our results during reenactment events, workshops or lectures and thus, share our insights with both experts and general public, keeping in mind that discussion and exchange of information are crucial to the reconstruction process.

The 20 members currently involved in our society come from different backgrounds and have various occupations. This allows them to bring diverse experience into our projects. What unites all of us is the joy of rediscovering and propagating an important chapter in the European cultural history. We invite you to share that unique experience with us!